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Origen Ingeniería Sismorresistente

It is a consulting company in engineering and architecture, after 20 years of experience of its founder in this field. We are a company conceptualized under the pillars of structural engineering with a strong roots in construction, consulting and valuation.

Origen stands out for having significant experience in earthquake resistant design of works, prioritizing design capacity and the potential for sustainability of buildings.




We specialize in project optimization, through integrated design, a process that involves the teamwork of an interdisciplinary group of professionals from the earliest phases of the project, allowing collaborative planning by the architect and engineers to find the best alternative. for the development of the work, which at the same time translates into sustainability, energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Given our specialization in structural engineering, we analyze projects based on the structuring and materials that are more efficient for them, without detriment to their structural integrity and behavior in the event of severe earthquakes, generating savings in materials and resources that mean less environmental impact.

Origen Ingeniería Seismorres Resistencia is a company that seeks maximum customer satisfaction through a team of professionals who identify and commit to each of the projects to be carried out.

Origen is committed to updating as a fundamental pillar to exceed customer expectations, offering a higher quality standard than required, for this, we have specialized personnel in the branch of Project Management, that applying it to the daily activities of the development of a project becomes an essential premise to anticipate possible errors and configure an agile and efficient work model.

By analyzing each situation, applying our management capacity and solid knowledge, we were able to find the best alternatives, simplifying steps and making the materialization of projects more transparent.

According to the foregoing, Origen Ingeniería Seismorres Resistencia is fully capable of offering a diversity of services, contributing to the sustainable development of the planet, through the use of structural designs that mitigate the ecological impact generated by the construction industry, since we consider that a Optimal direction, work deadline and quality in each of the stages are the determining factors for success.

The trust of our clients is what motivates us to continue growing, and each of our projects is proof of our prestige and trajectory.

Areas of Expertise

  • Structural Engineering Specialization.
  • Master in Project Management-University of Barcelona.
  • Certifier of the RESET Standard-Requirements for sustainable buildings in the tropics.
  • Member of the Costa Rican Association of Seismic Engineering of Costa Rica.
  • Member of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat CTBUH.
  • Founding Member of the Association of Consultants in Natural Design of Costa Rica.
  • Founding Member of the Pro Reset Association.
  • Member of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).
  • Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • Member of the Federated College of Architects (CFIA).

Origen Mission

Provide success to our clients' projects, by providing consulting services aimed at finding viable, efficient and economical solutions, without detriment to the structural integrity of the building to be developed.

Origen Vision

Position ourselves nationally and internationally as a company that provides professional services for the development and execution of architectural and civil works, recognized for its approach to project optimization and contribution to sustainable development.

Origen Values

Transparency - Commitment - Teamwork.