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Our planning and design approach provides advice and consulting to understand the project's challenges throughout the whole-building life-cycle (WBLC), facilitating the understanding of the added value in each of its stages to achieve the desired goals. Through the Integrative Design Process (IPD), a collaborative process is promoting integrative design and its evolution throughout its useful life.


As per request, we may also conduct a life-cycle assessment of the project’s structure and enclosure, looking for reductions, compared with a baseline building, in some features of the building, that address improvements to avoid or minimize the global warming potential.


Our times face the urgency to reduce the negative effects of the building industry. Aspiring to projects that are carrying out responsibly to contribute to sustainability, we offer various ways to meet environmental legislation requirements and the demand of tenants, shareholders, users, clients, and communities to reduce environmental impacts projects.


These paths may involve project certification or voluntary declaration labels that make performance aspects transparent for third parties' information (communities, market, end-user). REGENBE can offer the necessary support that a project requires through one or more of the following ways:

Certifications and EDPs

Living Building Challenge

Core Green Building

Net Zero Energy

Zero Carbon

Living Community Challenge

Living Product Challenge

LEED Building Design and Construction

LEED Interior Design and Construction



Other Environmental Declaration of Product




Pronto, otras EPDs en proceso de integrar a este menú de opciones.


With more than 60,000m2 audited in the Costa Rican RESET standard, we are able to complement the consulting and design service under said standard, with audit processes, provided through the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (INTECO), the managing body of said norm.

Continuing Education

At REGENBE we combine formal involvement in sustainability issues since 1991, with broad participation in national and international activities. Since 2018, we have deepened training and international experience in regenerative development and design.


We have continuously created educational content and training sessions arranged for that colleagues and firms of Architecture and Design and other actors in the construction industry, increasing their knowledge, skills, and tools for superior performance in their work to face the challenges of sustainability and regenerative approach.


Modules are offering on-demand adapted to the requirements of the need or organization.

Sustainable Management

The insertion of professionals, firms, manufacturers, financial institutions, governments, and organizations in the universe of sustainability are challenging, requiring significant efforts to overcome the learning curve and achieve optimal engagement in said universe.


In this sense, in alliance with SMS-C the following services are offered:


• Corporate sustainability reports

• Sustainability marketing

• Supply chain and sustainable manufacturing

• Support in certification and contracting